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Hotel Hell: The Creeper Story

It’s been a busy few months for Creeper with headline shows, European tours and the release of their ‘The Stranger’ EP. If anyone deserves a relaxing evening, it’s them. But alas.

“What follows is a crazy series of events,” tweeted Will Gould in the early hours of this morning (20th April)

“This evening Ian, Jay and myself were supposed to be sharing a hotel room together while the others went back to Huddersfield,” he continues. “Jay went back to the hotel early. Had trouble checking in, called me to tell me and also our tour manager who managed to sort it. Ian and I decide to drop out bags off to the hotel room with Jay before we head off to a bar. We are told our room number is number 309. We are also told our names have been kept behind the front desk with our room key waiting for us.Get to the front desk, tell them we are Will and Ian & our room is 309. The guy looks at us weird and says we can’t fit 3 ppl into one room.”

“He asks us our name again, we reply together in unison and mumble, he finds a reservation for tonight for room 309 & another room too! We assume our tour manager booked two rooms. We go to the other room and leave Jay to have room 309 all to himself. We go out and get drunk. When we return we talk about going to Jays room, room 309 and sneaking in to scare him. We have the key remember. We get in the lift in our underwear & sneak to room 309, slip the card in &sneak in only to find room 309 completely empty and the bed made.”

“We call and wake Jay. ‘Where are you!?’
‘Room 309 mate.’
There is no way he can be because we are in that room. We freak out for some time. After some deliberation we realise Jay is in another hotel. The hotel he is in is run by the same chain we are in too. He has a 3 bed room. We realise that somehow Ian and I are in the wrong hotel, have been in 2 of someone else’s rooms by accident and that one is room 309. What are the odds of us both of us sat in room 309 of two separate Chain of the same hotels? Now we all have double rooms and boggled brains.”

And that was all we heard for a while until…

“Update: As you will have read Ian and I had a room each last night. While I slept great, the story for Ian carries on..”

“Hi gang. As you know we ended up walking into 2 double bedrooms that in no way belonged to us. Will and I took separate rooms as you would.. I was woken in my room at 6 in the morning by the room phone ringing and ringing and ringing. I ignored it, mainly through fear. It stopped. Next I was woken by a shuffling at my door. I investigated and it was a tiny lady who was surprised to find a young ginger boy in her room. She left in a flutter and returned with the concierge. He was bemused with how he managed to let two complete randoms into these rooms.He proceeded to tell me that he would return with answers. So I sat like a patient boy for 45 mins. Nothing happened. He never returned. I then slipped into the land of sleep & woke like nothing happened. Exited the hotel like normal. Was this a dream? Is Jay Wennington real?”

“So to summarise, Ian and I walked into a hotel told the man behind the counter we were in room 309 and the booking was under ‘Will’. Miraculously there was a booking in this random hotel under the name ‘Will’ and for room 309 and the guy just gave us the key and let us in. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING??”

And there’s more.

“*in the voice of Jay* what is even more peculiar is that when I arrived at the original hotel they had no clue of a booking for us. Next the man came back and told me that the hotel was full and that there was no way we would be able to stay. Then after what felt like a life time he came back to tell me there was in fact one room available for us, the now infamous room 309. I entered the room all was normal, at 00:00 I got a call from will, they were in the hotel, 3 hours later & they still weren’t in the room. At 4am I was awoken by call from within room 309 but I was the only person in room 309. The corridor was also empty and I began to worry. The cold sweats began and I started to feel a presence in the room, as if we were all in fact in room 309 but perhaps in multiple dimensions. At around 5am we still had no idea what was going on so I attempted to sleep, it wasn’t great but I managed to see it out until daybreak. There was a knock at the door, it was a cleaner, I apologised about still being there she insisted ‘its fine, you don’t have to leave us yet’. I went against the cleaners wishes and left the building immediately, hopefully to never return again. ??”

Well, that’s the concept for the album sorted.

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