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Good news & bad news for Brand New fans

It’s been another rollercoaster year for Brand New fans. Alongside the apparent conformation that their leaked ‘Fight Off Your Demons‘ demos would be properly released, there was also talk of new material and the band taking a break. As the band performed their last scheduled show in Nashville, Tennessee, it seems those cards are both still very much in play.

The above speech came before a performance of ‘Play Crack The Sky’ that also featured Manchester Orchestra‘s Andy Hull and Kevin Devine, of Kevine Devine fame. During the speech, which sees Jesse Lacey break down in tears, he talks about how special being in Brand New has been but that it won’t “last much longer.” When Brand New return there’s going to be “a lot of things different. I’m going to have a new daughter and I hope we have a new record to play for you, that’ll be nice.”

In an interview with Spanish magazine RockZone earlier this year, the band said, “We have a new album to put out but the thing is, it’s not ready. Hopefully it will be out this year. We still don’t know if it will be an EP of seven odd songs or the traditional album of 14. We’ve been working on a lot of songs but sometimes it’s good to leave them to rest before you deal with them. Somedays we feel ready to release them, others we feel like they need more time.“

Basically we’re in the same position we always are. No one knows what’s going on with Brand New.

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