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Gone Is Gone: “For better or worse, this will last a lifetime”

Gone Is Gone features Troy Sanders of Mastadon, Queens of the Stone Age‘s Troy van Leeuwen and Tony Hajjar of At The Drive-In alongside composer Mike Zarin. Fresh from the radio debut of ‘Violescent‘, the first track to be lifted from their upcoming self-titled EP, Troy Sanders and Mike Zarin hit up Reddit for an AMA.

“We had to approach this by utilizing a standard wall calendar. When can we get together? That is the main question. Do we even like each other? That is the second question,” explains Troy of the band approach. As for sounding like other bands, “Comparisons do not exist in this camp. It would simply be unfair.”

“Tony Hajjar and I have been composing and recording music together for film trailers since 2008,” explains Mike of the band’s origins. “We had a track that we wrote that seemed to resonate with us and also found its way into a lot of film trailers (Old Boy, Spiderman video game, and others). We felt like this style needed a band. The guitars we laid down on that track reminded us of our friend Troy Van Leeuwen. So, we gave him a call. As a big fan of film and doing things that are outside of the box, he was into the concept.”

“It is annoying when you are labeled as something you feel you are not,” continues Troy of the band’s ‘supergroup’ status’. “We do not perch high above the masses on thrones made of golden marble, nor do we feel as if we’re better than you. Plus, our thrones are made of recycled newspaper and they are on the floor….. where our dogs pee.”

The band approached Gone is Gone with “a ‘let’s see what happens’ vibe. We wanted to see what presented itself naturally. It’s an organic baby.” and as for the future of the group, “For better or worse, this will last a lifetime. Kind of like a marriage…… or a jail sentence.”

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