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God Damn: “There 100% will be a second album”

“With a festival you don’t know what you’re going to get,” ventures Thom Edward. God Damn spent their Friday afternoon packing out the Lock Up stage before driving home, ready to do the same again tomorrow. “A lot of people came to see us which was really cool.”
“It’s always nice to see a few people going nuts at the front,” smiles Ash Weaver.

The band now have a break from a summer that’s taken them to more countries than the pair had ever dreamt of but the weeks ahead aren’t full of rest and relax.
“We don’t stop,” says Thom before someone frolicking on a giant deckchair catches his eye. “That looks like a lot of fun,” he smiles before returning to work.

“When we’re not touring, we’re working. We work hard, that’s who we are and I’m more creative when I’m busy,” continues Thom. “We turn into absolute knobheads if we’re not busy. It makes us better people. My granddad had a saying ‘if you want something done, ask a busy man.’ That’s what I live my life by.”

Rehearsing and gathering their thoughts aren’t the only thing on the agenda though for the next month though. “Because we’re always writing, we’ve got more than a second album’s worth ideas and things,” says Ash.

“Nothing’s been recorded,” warns Thom, “but there will be a second album. That’s the thing we can say. There 100% will be a second album. Being the kind of band we are, we can’t have a two-year break. Not that we’d want to. It’s not even a case of keeping the iron hot, it’s just that’s what we’re doing. We are keeping ourselves busy,” Thom repeats. “We’d go mental if we weren’t doing anything.”

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