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Future of the Left announce new album

Future of the Left have launched a Pledgemusic campaign for their fifth album ‘The Peace and Truce of Future of the Left‘.

Tentatively scheduled for March 25th 2016, “the songs are sounding fantastic. Nasty and (for want of a better word) funky – like a machine having sex with its own shadow then giving the shadow some taxi money home and surprising it by actually owning and operating the taxi and driving to a plush hotel where it receives expensive bath salts and a complete CV/Resume makeover which results in a complete lifestyle change and, eventually, world domination. Yeah, like that,” explains Andrew ‘Falco’ Falkous. “There’s a little less variety than the last record, at this stage at least, but more focus.”

Alongside the album, Future of the Left will also be releasing a mini-album of “other songs which don’t quite fit (probably the more sprawling ones, which the record definitely isn’t). You are welcome to see this as a collection of outtakes or b-sides, but ultimately you would only be lying to yourself.”

The Pledgemusic campaign, which explains the record in more depth and features a video of some cats doing cat-like things, is now live. It includes the usual haul of CD and Vinyl plus the option of a special Future Of The Left fuzz pedal.

Remind yourself of FOTL’s abrasive brilliance with ‘Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman‘ below.

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