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Frank Turner & Friends announce London show

Frank Turner has announced a new show at London’s Electric Brixton and he’s bringing along some friends. Guess you’re invited too.

The show takes place May 13th in association with the Music Venues Trust and CALM and will also feature Skinny Lister and The Wholls. There’ll also be DJ sets from Eddy Temple Morris, The Dirty Rabbit and Adam O. OH, and there’s also a live performance from The Forgotten Circus.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Frank will be playing ‘England Keep My Bones‘ in full.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a poster.


Frank Turner released his sixth album ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ towards the end of last year. Speaking about the record to Upset, Frank explained, “One of the things I’m adamant about is change and the idea of change. The conservatism in a lot of music fans blows my mind. Everytime I release something new, somebody somewhere goes ‘It’s not the same as the last one’ and I say ‘I fucking know’. That’s the point. Wouldn’t it be completely mad to spend ten years on tour and come back without having changed at all, as a person. That would make you borderline insensate. If you experience things, you should change and you should grow. I hope this record is different to the previous one and I hope the next one is different to this one. Maybe I’ll make a drum and bass record. Fuck it, why not. Piss everybody off.”

“Art is about people learning something about themselves as much as about me. I hope people take something interesting away from the record but maybe everyone will hate it. It’s hard to tell until the dust settles. I’m not all that keen on artists trying to dictate the result of their art. I sometimes get people asking me what songs mean to which the answer is whatever the fuck you want it to mean. You renounce ownership of a song when you release it into the public and that’s a good thing. “

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