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Frank Iero and The Patience is now a thing

Frank Iero has announced an Australian tour but he isn’t heading down under with his band The Cellabration. Instead Frank Iero and The Patience will be playing the 6-date run.


Whether this is the start of a whole new project or just a new name for a new album remains to be seen but either way, it’s exciting stuff.

Speaking about a possible second album last year Frank explained, “Last time around I was very shortsighted of what I wanted to do but now, oh man, I have such an open horizon. I don’t even know what that is but I just want to hone in on it. It’s just gong to take me some time.”

However this Instagram pic featuring Cellabration members Matt Olsson and Evan Nestor suggests that maybe Frank has worked things out.

p.s. this starts today…

A photo posted by frnkiero (@frankieromustdie) on

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