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Frank ‘chaos, carnage and circle-pit’ Carter takes on the main stage

Posted: Friday, August 26th, 2016

“Three bands later and they finally let me on the big boy stage,” beams Frank Carter as he arrives, suited and booted with the Rattlesnakes, to Reading’s Main Stage. And so begins a set of carnage, chaos and circle-pit-fun-runs.

By ‘Juggernaut’ he’s in the crowd, by the end he’s on top of it, commanding thousands. Club mentality for the biggest of stages – who needs a barrier? Frank and the Rattlesnakes have never seen things like, you know, the actual venue, as an obstacle for their mammoth pits, and the Main Stage arena is a challenge they’re up for. With Frank showing people how it’s done by leading the charge, he returns, puffed and laughing, back to the stage saying “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever had. That’s so far, I’m sorry.”

Out of shape but not aggression, the Rattlesnakes power on as if they’d never stopped, through ‘Paradise’ and ‘Devil Inside Me’. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes crush it, minus that marathon blip. Oh, and that part where everyone screams “I fucking hate you”, that’s quite far from the truth too. But with the snag of how the hell you run a circle pit bigger than the arena, it seems only logical he returns to give it another go next year, no?