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Frank Carter: “I really tried my hardest to cut music out of my life”

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes’ debut album ‘Blossom’ is out now – you can read our ★★★★ review here – but there was a point where it looked like the incendiary frontman wouldn’t return to the scene after the split of his previous band, Pure Love.

“I really tried my hardest to cut music out of my life,” he admits. “It became like, ‘Get rid of this, it’s not working. Be a dad, be a husband. Be a good adult’, and I felt the weakest version of me. I was miserable, I was mean. I was a grumpy arsehole to be around and my wife was like, ‘Please start a fucking band!’” he laughs. “She knew it before I did. When I told her, ‘Look, I’m gonna quit music and focus on tattooing’ I thought she’d be stoked to lock ourselves in and get some security, but she was so nervous. I didn’t understand that at all. It was security and a future. The one thing she kept saying to me was, ‘You can always go back’.”

“Before Christmas last year, we’d had a really rough year with lots of ups and downs and it was just before our daughter was born. I was like, ‘I think I wanna start a new band’ and her first reaction wasn’t, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? We’re going to have a baby in a month!’ Her first reaction was a big fucking smile and she was so happy. Then we had a lot of talking to do, but she’s been so supportive. It was as though she knew what I needed before I knew what I needed.”

Read the full interview with Frank Carter in September’s edition of Upset, out on Friday 21st August. Order a copy here. Photo: Phil Sharp / Upset.

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