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Foo Fighters to play tiny Record Store Day show this weekend

Foo Fighters will play a special show this weekend for Record Store Day. With Dave Grohl taking the role of official ambassador for the annual event this year, the band will appear at midday on 18th April at Record Connection in Niles, Ohio, near Dave Grohl Alley – a street named after the band’s frontman.

The band will also release a four track 10” vinyl, ‘Songs From The Laundry Room’, featuring early versions of ‘Alone + Easy Target’ and ‘Big Me’, as well as unreleased track ‘Empty Handed’, recorded at Barrett Jones’ Laundry Room Studios in Seattle in the 1990s.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the release, Grohl explained the recording of the tracks. “I’d never been the singer of a band,” he said, “and I’d never been the principal songwriter of a band, so to me it was just this private experiment, not something that I wanted lots of people to hear, because I didn’t necessarily like my voice.”

“When you’re in a band with the greatest songwriter of your generation, you don’t want to be the guy saying, ‘Look at my songs, too’. So I would record them and put them away. But it was fun to do. I’ve recorded stuff and just erased it.”

“It was just something to do in between tours when I was playing with Nirvana. By the time Nirvana was over, I had, I don’t know, 20, 30, 40 of these recordings that no one had ever heard. There’s a lot more than just those [Laundry Room 10-inch] songs. I think the songs that we picked for the Record Store Day album were maybe picked out of 15 or 20 others that no one’s ever heard.”

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