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Fed up with the constant anniversaries? So is Metallica’s Lars Ulrich

Everything is about anniversaries these days. 10 years since this, 15 since that. When the world has all the music ever created at its fingertips, it’s easy to see why highlighting the classics is a good thing, but there’s no shortage of retromania to fuel the merry-go-round.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich can see the problem. The band’s 35th year is approaching, but after they celebrated their 30th, he doesn’t really see the point of making a big deal of it.

Talking to Billboard, the drummer explains: “When you’ve been a band as long as we have, you can find an anniversary in anything.

“In 2011 we celebrated our 30th with a week’s worth of concerts in San Francisco for our fan club. But you’ve got to be careful. You don’t wave the flag continuously for old laurels, things you’ve done way in your past.

“It’s tricky to find the right balance between looking into the future and celebrating the past.

“As active as we’ve been over the years, you can find a celebration in almost anything. So we kind of shy away from doing too much of that.”

Metallica return to the UK this August to headline Reading & Leeds.

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