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Fearless Vampire Killers have broken up

Normally you can see a breakup coming. Even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself, there are hints that something has changed. Not this time though. From out of (seemingly) nowhere Fearless Vampire Killers – or more recently FVK – have broken up.

Sharing the news via Facebook, the band explain, “Last Friday, Kier announced that he was leaving FVK. This revelation was greeted with shock, disappointment, and heartbreak as we have given our lives to this band and the idea of giving up was completely alien to us. However, over the weekend we have struggled to find the answer to this unfortunate situation, and we have come to the conclusion that it would be wrong to continue this band without Kier by our side.”

However, it’s not the actual end as the remaining members are still going to be doing stuff.

“FVK has always been more than just a name, and no one is disappearing – the remaining members of FVK will not abandon our musical union, but we will need time to rebuild and reflect. Music has always been our passion, and the idea of doing it without our friends seems absurd. We – Laurence, Luke, Shane and Drew – will certainly continue to make music together; though the specifics of this are uncertain. We would also like to wish our friend Kier the best of luck in his future endeavours.

“To our fans we apologise wholeheartedly, this is not the ending we chose, but our hands have been forced. All we can say is thank you for your support, and please remember our music lives on forever, and that the creative force behind FVK will return. Speak soon.”

Kier has added to the above on his own Facebook, stating he “thought you deserved a little more than just the PR spiel. We all owe you a lot. Firstly I guess i’d just say that I wish there was another way… believe me I tried. When you’re a kid the dream is to obviously go that whole distance with your first band… but sometimes stuff just doesn’t pan out exactly as you want it to.

“It got to a point where things just wasn’t adding up and as the boys often looked to me for answers I just found myself without anything to say… something like Fearless Vampire Killers required nothing less than utter dedication and when I realised I had lost that I felt like a fake.

“So now here we are. I’m writing to you saying i’m sorry for any heartache and lets try and dig something a little more positive out of all of this. There is a legacy. There is a message that we had and despite instantaneous reactions all of FVK are my dear friends and i’m sure that won’t end. At least I hope it won’t. No one is going to stop making music. Certainly not me as this has been my life’s work. So here’s to many more years of creativity and experiences. See you guys soon no doubt.”

So while FVK may be over, it looks like two new musical projects will rise from the ashes.

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