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Eat Me sign to Venn Records, release video for ‘Boy’

Venn Records have signed another brilliant band to their ever-expanding/consistently awesome roster, which is good news all round.

Fresh from touring (and stagediving) with Milk Teeth, Eat Me are gearing up to release their new EP ‘Melon Enema‘ at some point this summer but for now, check out their brand new ‘Boy‘ exclusively on Upset.

Full of big hooks, snotty attitude and knife-to-the-bone honesty, ‘Boy’ sees Eat Me self-aware but defiant. Venn saw something similar, which is why they’ve hooked up for ‘Melon Enema’. “If there’s two things we as a label can collectively agree on it’s guitar solos and bangers. Eat Me write nothing but bangers and the sickest guitar solos. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Eat Me to the Venn Records squad.”

To celebrate the partnership, we got Venn’s Lags and Eat Me’s Jamie to pick their top five music videos ever. Not only do you get to see how well ‘Boy’ stands up to these classics but you can also see who has the best taste. #TeamVenn or #TeamEatMe.

First up, Lags representing Venn.

Elliphant – ‘Revolusion’
I just love the visuals to this video. The colours, style and expressive characters really influenced the making of Gallows ‘Bonfire Season’ promo. We gave that our own magick touch of course.

Soundgarden – ‘Black Hole Sun’
My best friend at school had Sky and we’d spend every hour glued to MTV, back then it was more about back to back music videos than reality TV shows. Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ video blew my mind. It was freakishly weird and without a doubt helped get me into a lot of good music.

Aphex Twin – ‘Come To Daddy’
I could’ve picked anything by director Chris Cunningham but this particular video definitely pushed things to a whole new limit. Punk as fuck.

Tigercub – ‘Centrefold’
Late last year we released a Tigercub’s ‘Repressed Semantics’ EP on Venn but a year before that Tigercub released this little masterpiece. The guys in the band make me laugh so much and I love it when artists produce music as good as this but don’t lose their sense of humour.

Muskets – ‘Drowsy’
I might be cheating here as this is actually from a release on our label but it was great being part of the process of seeing this video come to life. I remember when the Muskets dudes were telling me they always see Matt King (the actor who plays Super Hans on Peep Show) out and about in Brighton, and that the next time they see him they’re going to straight up ask him to be in the video. That’s how things happen, you don’t ask, you don’t get.

and now Jamie from Eat Me has to follow that…

Pavement – ‘Stereo’
Got to start with some Pavement, a massive influence on me and Jack when we decided to form a band. I love bands that make you spend time with them to ‘get them’. Pavement certainly don’t give it up easily, albums of noise jams peppered with pop gold if you look hard enough. The video’s obscure visuals go hand in hand with Malkmus’ esoteric lyrical tangents. Good tones. Good vid. Big jam!

The Pharcyde – ‘Drop’
All our best grooves are basically lifted off 90s hip-hop tunes. Nothing gets the head bobbing quite like it. The Pharcyde are a group that Cam (the hip hop aficionado of the band) introduced me too. They definitely hit the spot. So he threw this video at me when asking for suggestions. I think Great Cynics did a similar thing on one of their early vids too. This kind of stuff boggles my brain. Real clever stuff. Spike Jonze in the directors chair, there might be a few more of his to come. Big snare. Big Jam!

Puppy – ‘Forever’
Big shout out to the Puppy boys. They absolutely nail everything they set out to do sonically and visually. This was their first drop and its no exception. Nobody knew who the heck Puppy were, me included. But after watching this video, boy did I want to. Turns out they aren’t from the late 80s thrash scene, they’re new…And great!? This video captures everything most bands wish for but were born to late for. Check out they’re new song ‘Entombment’ on soundcloud to. Again they nailed it. Big bends. Big jam!

Beastie Boys – ‘Sabotage’
AAHHIIIIIII CANT STAND IT, I KNOW YA PLANNED IT! What a track. Absolute banger. And what a video too. Grown men pretending they’re in a 70s cop flick, fake mustaches and wigs, that’s something we at the Eat Me camp can dig. (also honorable mention to the ‘Fight For Your Right’ video). Spike Jonez with the megaphone on this one, you know its gonna be a goodun. I was actually gonna throw one of Spike’s Pavement videos at you but Stereo is more of a banger. Anyway. Beastie Boys. Big bass. Big jam!

Weezer – ‘Undone (The Sweater Song)’
Spike who? Yeah another one of his. Sorry he just happens to have worked with our favorite bands and made all the cool videos in the 90s. Jack actually suggested the video for ‘Island in the Sun’ which is also bloody Jonzey and a cool vid, it has baby lions, aww. But this song and video is so iconic, sorry if its an obvious choice. Dogs thougghh!! Rivers should rock this haircut again too. Rip Matt Sharp. Weezer forever! =w=. Big blue. BIG JAM!

I dont know about you, but were going back to listen to ‘Boy’