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Deaf Havana announce ‘All These Countless Nights’

Last time Deaf Havana played Reading Festival was two years ago. It was a mainstage slot that, despite being excellent, felt like the end of the band. In the months that followed, they just disappeared.

A lot can change in two years though. Disclosure and CHVRCHES can make the leap from NME stage to mainstage, without difficulty. The price of a pint can go up by a few pence. Deaf Havana can return from the brink, re-energised and with a brand new album.

Yup, the new album is done. Announced during their set (lap up that poetry), it’s called ‘All These Countless Nights‘ and will be released on January 27th 2017.

“We’re more into it now. We’re all passionate about it,” starts vocalist James Veck-Gilodi, backstage at Reading, on what a difference two years makes. “We were in debt, nothing was going right and we were just sick of it. I couldn’t be bothered anymore.” and now, “I’m into it.”

“We did reading two years ago and went home. We left it for three months,” explains drummer Tom Ogden. “James had some new songs and asked ‘do you want to do Havana again?'” It wasn’t an instant yes though, with Tom definitely having to think about “if I was committed or not but once I heard some songs, I knew I was well into it. I’ve not long had baby so if we’re going to do it, we’ve got to do it properly. I’m not being involved in this if it’s going to be a shambles again. So far, it’s going great.”

And while the band weren’t giving much away, the record is influenced by real events that happened. ‘All These Countless Nights’ is about “just the frustration of not achieving what you wanted to achieve, that spurred me on,” explains James. It’s also, brace yourself, “a bit more diverse.”

“I think it makes it interesting doing things outside of our comfort zone,” explains Tom. “The slower songs are slower, the heavier songs are heavier. It’ll go from the slowest, most beautiful song we’ve written to something filthy. I like stuff like that. We’re all ready to go.”

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