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Davie says relax cos Foo Fighters aren’t breaking up

So, after fanning the flames considerably with their ‘Uh-oh, something’s up’ Tweet yesterday, it turns out the big Foo Fighters announcement was that there’s absolutely nothing to announce. No break-up, no solo projects, not even a single memeable moment. What a let down (unless you were really worried about the Foo Fighters breaking up in which case, Good News!)

You can watch the announcement via this seven-and-a-bit minutes long video.

or, skip to the end.

Which is a shame, cos Dave was really hitting his stride towards the end and we’d happily see anyone from this list singing ‘Breakout’

The band are still on hiatus , with Dave explaining ““I can’t help but wonder when we will see each other again. Who knows? But, with everything Foo Fighter related, it will only be when it feels right. And that’s a feeling that’s easy to feel.”

Basically, nothing has changed. As you were.

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