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Creeper: “We haven’t found any limits yet”

Creeper have done a lot of shows. They’ve played to a lot of different people, in a lot of different places and it’s always just worked. Their set at Reading was the biggest step outside of their comfort zone yet but from the crash of ‘VCR’, they were home. A few hours later (and melting in the sun) we caught up with Will and Hannah backstage, by some very glamorous bins, to see how it was for them

“We’ve done so many festivals now, you don’t really know how this one is going to go. It’s the big one, Reading & Leeds. I couldn’t believe it. I was a bit overwhelmed. I always say the same things and I think sometimes it can come off as disingenuous but it’s very real. It’s overwhelming to see how much support we have. The show was magical. We had some technical trouble but that didn’t matter at all because the energy was there from the crowd. It was awesome.”

“It’s weird seeing how it translates to people who aren’t involved in our subculture, hearing it for the first time.” And as far and wide have Creeper have gone, they haven’t felt out of place. Ever. “The best thing about Creeper is that we can always play with bands of different genre and do gigs that aren’t typical for a band like us and we’ll be ok. We’re yet to find a roadblock for it which is exciting and scary. You just wonder what’s going to happen next. I never fathomed that we’d be here at Reading Festival. I never, ever thought of that. We haven’t found any limits yet…but maybe in the years to come.”

Creeper’s schedule for 2016 has been intense, not that they’re complaining, and while we’re yet to hear new music from them yet, it is something they’re thinking about. “We’re struggling to find a spare five minutes. Our schedule is very demanding, we’re very lucky to be in this position, we’re very lucky to be where we’re at but, in my opinion, Creeper shouldn’t have happened. Creeper isn’t a cool band. You look at what’s trendy at the moment, you don’t think of Creeper. There aren’t a bunch of bands that sound like us and we can play with. There’s not a scene we fit into. The reason we got signed was because of that initial support when people let their imaginations run away. We’re indebted to make some more music for those people who, like today, have supported us so much. I feel like that’s a very special part of Creeper, the audience has really made us. New music is very important to us.”

“Sometimes I feel so pretentious talking about this, but at times with Creeper we write these songs and then people take them away and make them their own. Today, some of the songs people were singing along so loudly for, I felt like they don’t belong to us anymore. They’re now the property of this big group of people. That’s really cool and it seems the way it’s going.”

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