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Corey Taylor joins the QI Elves for No Such Thing As A Fish Alcopop! 12″

We all know Alcopop! Records like to do things a bit differently. Releasing compilations on bikes, putting out silent tracks to take the piss out of right wing politicians – if they ever just put out some standard black wax with two tracks on it, it would almost be revolutionary. For them, at least.

The latest in their celebration of never sticking to conventions or doing the boring thing – signing The QI Elves. Yes. The researchers behind the BBC series. And then roping in Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. Because obviously.

The label will release an exclusive episode of the award winning No Such Thing As A Fish podcast on 12”, featuring a cameo from the Slipknot frontman and QI fan. A bonus track at the end of side B, he’ll reveal his very favourite fact.

The vinyl also comes with the first full year of episodes, and will be released on 20th November, launched at the QI Elves’ biggest live show to date at the 1000 capacity West End Lyric theatre. You can pre-order here.

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