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Classic Jimmy Eat World releases to receive vinyl reissue

Jimmy Eat World are to reissue four of their albums, plus an EP, on vinyl before the end of the year. Yep, somebody knows what you’d like for Christmas/

‘Bleed American’, ‘Static Prevails’, ‘Clarity’, ‘Futures’ and – for the first time on vinyl – the ‘Stay On My Side’ EP will drop between December 4th and 18th.

The full details read:

Bleed American – 1LP 4th December
1. Bleed American
2. A Praise Chorus
3. The Middle
4. Your House
5. Sweetness
6. Hear You Me
7. If You Don’t, Don’t
8. Get It Faster
9. Cautioners
10. The Authority Song
11. My Sundown
12. (Splash) Turn Twist

Stay On My Side Tonight – 1LP 18th December

1. Disintegration
2. Over
3. Closer
4. Half Right (Heatmiser cover)
5. Drugs or Me (Styrofoam remix)

Static Prevails – 2LP 11th December

1. Thinking, That’s All
2. Rockstar
3. Claire
4. Call It In The Air
5. Seventeen
6. Episode IV
7. Digits
8. Caveman
9. World Is Static
10. In The Same Room
11. Robot Factory
12. Anderson Mesa
13. 77 Satellites
14. What Would I Say To You Now

Clarity – 2LP 11th December

1. Table For Glasses
2. Lucky Denver Mint
3. Your New Aesthetic
4. Believe In What You Want
5. A Sunday
6. Crush
7. 12.23.95
8. Ten
9. Just Watch The Fireworks
10. For Me This Is Heaven
11. Blister
12. Clarity
13. Goodbye Sky Harbor
14. Christmas Card
15. Sweetness – Demo

Futures – 2LP 11th December

1. Futures
2. Just Tonight
3. Work
4. Kill
5. The World You Love
6. Pain
7. Drugs Or Me
8. Polaris
9. Nothing Wrong
10. Night Drive
11. 23
12. Shame

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