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Chris Cornell is standing up for ‘Scream’, but working on new Soundgarden

Chris Cornell’s 2009 solo album ‘Scream’ wasn’t exactly lauded – but that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to defend it. It wasn’t bad, we just didn’t get it.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Cornell said: “I don’t think there was any reference for [Scream] at the time. And obviously, the world of recorded and released music is a world that required reference 99 times out of 100. I mean, even for me, I could stand on a soap box and say that art shouldn’t require reference and then still make references to you. When I hear a band I’m gonna say something like, ‘It’s a cross between Abba and the band Swans.’ So I get it. The response to the album didn’t surprise me. But I do think there is more context for it now.”

Cornell, set to release a new solo LP ‘Higher Truth’ soon, also reveals that Soundgarden are currently working on music for a new album. So that’s something.

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