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Cheap Meat announce London launch show for ‘The Parts That Show’

Cheap Meat‘s debut EP ‘The Parts That Show‘ is coming out March 4th via Hassle Records and to celebrate, the band are hosting a free launch gig.

Taking to The Black Heart in Camden, the gig takes place on March 10th which means you’ll have almost a whole week to learn all the words.

unnamed (17)

“I spent most of my teenage years growing my hair out and trying to be a bit Paul Simon and a bit Elliott Smith, but I would say silly things between songs and kill the vibe… then I decided I wanted to be a stand up comedian and ended up doing Improv but I missed playing guitar. When Matt (Rebeiro) and I started playing songs together, I remembered that you’re supposed to have fun,” explains Ross Drummond.

“When Matt and I started, we thought it would be really cool to be a two piece, we could tour in his sister’s car with all our gear and share all the spoils. We’d be minted,” continues Ross. “It’s hard to sound like Sleep when the bottom end falls out of the song when you go to a guitar solo” which is where Peter Hakola comes into Cheap Meat.

“Pete is a better musician than the two of us combined and the moment he joined the band he kicked us into shape. We sounded instantly monstrous! We looked at each other after his audition (he was the first person we tried out) and realised that we sounded like a proper band. So we seduced him the only way we knew how: with booze and a trip to Meat Mission for burgers.”

“Previous bands I’d been in the bands always squeezed the stick too tightly,” explains Pete. “They took stuff too seriously, joining Cheap Meat was a home away from home!”

Check out the first single from the EP ‘Sweetness, Take Me Back‘ below.

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