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Charity Fantasy Football with TWY’s Dan Campbell

It’s become pretty common knowledge that The Wonder YearsDan Campbell is a stand up guy.
From the music to the way he organises an album preorder, he’s very concerned with doing his best to help out other people and that trend has continued into the world of Fantasy Football.
Announced via Instagram, Dan is running a Fantasy Football league to raise money for RAINN, a charity that helps victims of sexual assault by connecting them with crisis centres, providing counselling and support, getting them medical attention, advocating for them legally and so much more.
The entrance fee was $40 (he’s had to stop accepting applicants due to overwhelming demand) and for that you get a signed copy of The Wonder Years’ ‘No Closer To Heaven’, the chance to win other neat prizes and the opportunity to compete. Hopeless Records are donating the CDs and Dan is mailing them himself, so all the money raised will be going straight to the charity, which is amazing.

All the information about RAINN can be found here, as well as options to donate.

For more from Dan Campbell and The Wonder Years, make sure you check out the September issue of Upset, out tomorrow.

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