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Candy Hearts are having van trouble

After the nerves and excitement of Warped Tour, Candy Hearts have run into some car trouble minutes away from home.

As Mariel explains on her Tumblr, “after driving home from Seattle (a 40+ hour drive) the transmission on our new van blew out 15 minutes off the parkway home. You can imagine how frustrating it was, I woke up and nearly cried because I just wanted to go home already!
Unfortunately transmissions cost way way more than I actually have. I spent all my money on this piece of junk van so we could do Warped Tour (which was quite literally the best time of my life so it was absolutely worth it)

“We need your help to fix up our van so we can tour again. It costs $1500 to fix, which means if most of my tumblr followers donated just $1 we’d have enough.

“Now, I’m not asking for handouts at all, I’m just asking you to purchase our new EP on Bandcamp. I feel like since I was so busy with warped it kind of slipped through the cracks and I didn’t get to properly (and incessantly) remind you all that one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written is on this release.

“Please consider helping us and purchasing this record (or even just a $1 track) brought Bandcamp. The $$ goes directly to our PayPal and you get something me and my friends put a lot of love into.”

You can read more about Acoustic Hearts and grab a copy of the record here. As well as getting a gorgeous hunk of music, you’ll also be helping the band get back on the road.

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