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You can pretend you’re a member of Ghost with these masks

Ever wished you were a member of Ghost? Well, with these official masks, dreams can come true.

Yup, later this year Trick or Treat Studios are releasing masks of both The Nameless Ghouls and Papa Emeritus II, alongside a hat if you fancy really going for it.

“Image is very important to everyone,” one of Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls told Upset recently. “Even the artist who doesn’t have an image has an image. Nobody dresses like we do onstage so that also lends itself to the diversity, it leaves us able to pull a diverse crowd because we don’t ask people to take a stance.

“If we had not had the image, the music would have stood on other legs. If they’d been as attractive legs though, I have no idea. Our anonymity is very important as long as we keep it official, but the further we drift into being a band and the more people that know about us, obviously that’s going to be very tough. Society isn’t built like that anymore.”

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