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Bury Tomorrow talk new album, ‘Earthbound’: “This is Bury Tomorrow”

Bury Tomorrow‘s new album ‘Earthbound‘ – the follow up to 2014’s ‘Runes’ – was released earlier this month, and landed in the UK album charts last week at number 36.

“It’s quite anecdotal in places,” vocalist Dani Winter-Bates says of the band’s fourth studio full-length in the new Upset, out tomorrow (Wednesday 10th February).

“It’s the first time we have ever done that really and had the opportunity to go wildly into different subjects with each track. This is Bury Tomorrow – there is no hiding behind extravagant intros and all that.

“The lyrics manifest themselves in that way, approaching things that are negative but can be perceived as positive… then there’s the environmental change, political stuff – it just goes into a lot of that.”

Read more from Bury Tomorrow in the new issue of Upset, out Wednesday 10th February. Pre-order your copy here – along with some back issues, if you like (they’re very good). It will also be available from our featured stockists.

This month’s mag is fronted by one of our favourite acts (isn’t that always the case?), Panic! At The Disco. Elsewhere we’ve got interviews with Josh Farro, All Time Low, Enter Shikari, Tonight Alive, Yuck, SWMRS and loads more.

Plus, Creeper’s Will Gould takes us inside new EP ‘The Stranger’.

Interview: Heather McDaid.

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