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Bring Me The Horizon x One Direction and 7 other things we learned from the band’s Reddit Ask Us Anything

In their continued bid for a number one album (order it here), Bring Me The Horizon took the Wild West of Reddit for an Ask Us Anything (read the full thing here). Aside from “shitting in handbags” and signing a man’s “third nipple,” here’s what we learned about Bring Me the Horizon.

– Speaking of number ones, if the band reach the top spot this Friday, Oli has promised to record their alternative version of ‘Drown‘ – as seen during their Live in Maida Vale Session for Radio 1 – and release it for free.

– Oli also thinks Suicide Season is the point where people started taking them seriously as a band. It’s an album the band still listen to, alongside the rest of their older material, but “we have to be in the same mind frame as when we wrote it.”

– Time (and nostalgia) heals all things, which is why the band were able to reunite with guitarist Curtis Ward (who left the band in 2009) for a performance of ‘Play For Plagues‘ at Wembley Arena last year. “We never fell out for anything other than professional reasons.” It looks like his replacement, Jona Weinhofen who left the band in 2013, needs to give it a bit longer though, “He’s a cock. We gave him a picture of a spitfire and sent him on his way.”

– Bring Me The Horizon’s favourite band to tour with is A Day To Remember. On the flipside, their worst tour was with “Machinehead and Killswitch Engage. We were bottled every night.”

– The band are hoping to play “about half,” of ‘That’s The Spirit’ on their upcoming tour.

– Each member of the band has a different favourite song from ‘That’s The Spirit’ and they’re as follows.
Doomed‘ – Jordan Fish
Blasphemy‘ – Matt Nicholls
Avalanche‘ – Matt Kean
Follow You’Oli Sykes
Oh No‘ – Lee Malia

– “Bon Jovi, Craig David and Silent Movies” are Oli’s biggest musical influences.

– If the band were going to do a collaboration album, it would be with “J. Cole, and if he doesn’t want to do it, Crazy Town. Or 1D.”

For more on Bring Me The Horizon, make sure you get your hands on the October issue of Upset Magazine, out this Friday (18th September)