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Will there be a new Bring Me The Horizon song on the Radio 1 Rock Show this weekend?

It’s been a stressful/exciting couple of weeks to be a Bring Me the Horizon fan, what with all those umbrellas. From posters and tattoos to their website airing a snipper of potential new music via a teaser video, and then a slightly longer snippet of potential new music through the same video, Bring Me The Horizon are in playful spirits. But it looks like the band feel they’ve teased you for long enough, as this morning (Tuesday) the band shared the following blank image.

Update: as pointed out by the eagle eyed @ryannevill on Twitter, there’s a reeeeeeally hard to see smiley face in the image. Awwww. Happy Bring Me.


A photo posted by Bring Me The Horizon (@bmthofficial) on

The roman numeral enthusiasts amongst you will notice that the letters included with the image above translates to 97.99-7.20-12.7


97-99 is also the frequency for BBC’s Radio 1.
7:20 would be slap bang in the middle of the Rock Show, when Daniel P. Carter normally plays his ‘Rockest Record’
12.7 would suggest 12th July.

So, Sunday. Radio 1. 7:20pm. New Bring Me The Horizon music.



There’s also this post which, if we use our detective skills, decodes to say “I’ve had enough. There’s a voice in my head, says I’m better off dead. But if I sing along a little louder to a happy song I’ll be alright.” These might be new lyrics. Or they might not be.

Writers Block

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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