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Bring Me The Horizon are still up to something

Bring Me The Horizon have been sharing pictures of stickers, tattoos and posters all over their social media, showing the same image of an umbrella. Nobody has any idea why but it’s a safe bet to assume it’s something to do with the followup to 2013’s ‘Sempiternal’.

Well, On Sunday night the band revealed a 15-second video featuring the same umbrella and some voices saying…something. Still nobody has any idea why but apparently if you play it backwards, you can hear voices saying “That’s the spirit.” Ok then.

The video in question is below and if anyone has any idea what’s going on, could you let us know please?

The band have also updated their website to include a teaser video. There’s rain, there’s an umbrella and there’s a musical build up. It’s possibly the start of a new song. It’s possibly nothing at all.

Bring Me The Horizon are playing Reading & Leeds Festivals at the end of August. It’ll be their first live show since they headlined a sold out Wembley Arena at the close of 2014 and, knowing the band, they’ll use this platform to showcase their future headliner potential as well as reminding the crowd just what they’ve been missing. The band released ‘Drown’ to celebrate their show at Wembley and we hope these slots at Reading & Leeds also get some new music to go with them.

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