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Brawlers to release their debut album on vinyl

A year after release, Brawlers are finally releasing their debut album on vinyl.

Coming April 8th via Alcopop! Records, the extended edition of ‘The Romantic Errors Of Our Youth‘ is the full stop at the end of this chapter as Brawlers look forward to their next move. To get you in the mood, check out an acoustic reworking of ‘Windowmisser‘ below.

Vocalist Harry George Johns explains, “We’re so excited about this vinyl release – we’re all audiophiles – but what’s really incredible is that after a year of solid touring, taking us all around Europe and even to Australia – so many people were asking for the album on vinyl, and we’re really proud to finally meet that demand. Plus I’m stoked on the extra tracks too, I think they show a really interesting side to the band.”

Speaking about the album to Upset last year, Harry ventured “All those songs are about things that have happened in the past three years. That’s literally it. Everything I’ve sung about is real, I haven’t changed any names and all those people exist. The songs are self-referential to the point of self-deprecation. If I can laugh at some of the awful things that have happened in my life, then people should seek solace in the fact I’ve gone through it. If they’re going through a shitty time and they feel like a worthless piece of shit, or they feel like they’ve missed out on the romantic errors of their youth then what’s better than to look at me. If I can sing about it, you can get over it.”

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