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Brand New seem to finally be sending out ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’ lyric books

It’s nine long years since Brand New released their third full length album ‘The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me’. The album’s booklet, for those not already familiar, came without lyrics. Instead, it contsained a mixture of photos, phrases and the directions that, if listeners wanted the words, those sending $1 to an enclosed address would receive a lyric book.

Nine years on, those sending their money would be forgiven for giving up on their investment. But then, this is Brand New. Assuming anything is dangerous stuff.

Those lyric booklets – they’ve started to turn up – in typical Brand New style, packed with a whole bunch of cryptic material, and the $1 returned.

Abstract information is nothing new for Brand New. Last year they updated their official website to read “Procrastinate! Pogolith Earth Sound Alliance 2015”. Procrastinate! Music Traitors is a record label, founded by Brand New – but the rest of the phrase seemed a bit harder to pin down. Until – two weeks before the Record Store Day reissue of ‘Deja Entendu’ on vinyl, and a few days before Brand New head out on tour – these booklets arrived…

If taking each number as a letter (for example: A=1, B=2 etc), the code on the top image reads ‘Brand New’ while the image itself is an altered picture from ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ but what could Brand New RIP 2018 mean?

The phrase “Know Gods Just Work” appeared on a billboard towards the end of last year. In an interview with someone connected to RAMBO, the graffiti artist in question, it was explained as meaning,” Well, KNOW is spelled K-N-O-W. The NO is circled. So, there again you have a play with words and spelling. I seriously doubt that God looks like the trendy image that is hanging in every church. But I know that every true person who is of their craft, it becomes their religion. It’s something that they’re trying to keep steadfast, and something that they are living and breathing. There’s no part-timing this situation. Because you can’t get away from it. It’s always watching you.”

And then there’s this advert for a cassette version of the leaked 2006 Brand New demos that includes, among other things, the address of New York’s Wardenclyffe Tower.

Nobody really has much of an idea what’s going on. It could have something to do with a new Brand New album, or something else entirely – but we do know Brand New are up to something.

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