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Brand New are probably in the studio but it’s a secret

We thought this was over but Brand New, or at least their fans, have other ideas.

After announcing a break from touring and suggesting the end was nigh, it looks like Brand New have actually just returned to the studio. Sonic Ranch studio in Texas to work with Mike Sapone, if you want to get specific. (As a Brand New fan you do probably want to get specific.)

At least that’s what reports from Reddit in a since deleted – but dutifully screencapped if you know where to look – post suggest. (Brand New fans probably know where to look.)

This ties in nicely with a couple of Instagram posts that suggest the same thing.

The fact the Reddit post, apparently made by a local musician who was probably using the same recording studio, has now been deleted suggests Brand New want to keep this a secret, for whatever reason. Perhaps to manage the already ridiculous expectations or perhaps because even they don’t have a plan. Or maybe just because they like to make us suffer.

Anyway, if anyone asks you didn’t hear it from us.

But obviously you did.

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