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Black Peaks: “The competition in Brighton is furious”

It’s rare you’ll find a band who speaks ill of their hometown, and Brighton upstarts Black Peaks are no different: in fact, they see the coastal retreat as having something of a renaissance.

“The competition in Brighton is furious, and to impress people or get them interested, you have to do something really special,” frontman Will Gardner explains in the new issue of Upset.

“At the time we were starting out, we were playing alongside some absolute monster bands like Royal Blood, The Physics House Band, Poly-math and Tigercub.

“Royal Blood definitely put Brighton on the map and made things happen for the music culture here. The industry eye was definitely on Brighton, which gave us a big helping hand.”

That’s not to say there aren’t disadvantages, however. “One thing that confuses us is constantly being measured and compared to Royal Blood, despite the fact that we are a totally different band and write very different music.”

Read more from Black Peaks in the new issue of Upset, out Wednesday 13th January. Pre-order your copy here – along with some back issues, if you like (they’re very good). It will also be available from our featured stockists.

This month’s mag is a 2016 special, featuring loads of our (soon to be your) favourite new bands, as well as a bunch of awesome things you can expect from the year ahead, from the lowdown on Moose Blood’s new album, to why Panic! At The Disco will reign supreme.

Interview credit: Emily Pilbeam

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