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Black Peaks announce debut album ‘Statues’

It’s been a long ol’ wait but Black Peaks have finally confirmed the details of their debut album. ‘Statues‘ will be out February 26th 2016 via their new home of Sony Red/Easy Life.

The tracklisting and album artwork has also been released and looks/reads a little like this.


1. Glass Built Castles
2. Crooks
3. Say You Will
4. Hang ‘Em High
5. Set In Stone
6. Saviour
7. Statues Of Shame
8. Drones
9. White Eyes
10. To Take The First Turn

Speaking to Upset earlier this year vocalist Will Gardner describes ‘Statues’ as, “a piece of work. There’s segues and we’ve written sections where certain tracks all connect up. It’s not just ten or eleven songs mashed together; it’s a rollercoaster. The two tracks (‘Crooks’ and ‘Glass Castles Built’) we’ve released are fast , hard hitting and they’ve got a lot of momentum. After that, it goes a lot darker,” he emphasises. “A hell of a lot darker, a hell of a lot heavier.”

“It’s darker in the sense of expression, rather than metal,” adds Andrew Gosden. “As the album progresses we get experimental and at the end, there are some brighter songs that are more reflective and anthemic. It’s a real journey. As a whole, it is quite relentless. We’re super proud of it and I don’t think we could add anything or take anything away.”

Excited? You can preorder a copy here. While you wait, why not not check out the band’s brand new single ‘Saviour’.

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