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Black Francis is probably done with solo albums

Black Francis has claimed it “feels like” he’s done with making solo albums.

With a new Pixies album due later this month, the frontman was speaking to Rolling Stone.

[I] feel like it” he said, when the question was posed. “I can’t really justify it. It takes a lot of energy, ultimately, to put out a record.

“The Pixies are pretty successful in the touring realm. I can’t really say, “OK, kids, I’m going on tour again, bye. But this time I’m not going to make any money. I’m just doing it because I’m an artist.” It just doesn’t feel right. It kind of goes up against my more blue-collar outlook. And I paint. If I have extra creative energy, I try to direct it there. And that doesn’t interfere with my musical career.”

Pixies new album Head Carrier is released on September 30th.

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