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Billy Corgan is road tripping across America to your house

Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins has revealed details of a new documentary he wants to create. and he needs your help.

Writing on his website, Billy explains “My mate Justin and I are set to head out and chart the beginnings of a new documentary I’m aching to make about America. And as we meet strangers and friends in living rooms and backyards and porches, and near campfires and rusting trolleys, we’ll need your help of where to go and what we must see. If that intrigues you, and you or yours have family along our route, we’d like you to contact us with good heart. For we’ll need help and support to make this work as I imagine it in my mind. To sketch at least the beginnings of a project that may be so vast it’ll take much more than a 3 week roustabout to understand.

“So though it may seem I’d be more interested in where the cool kids hang about, we’ll be much more taken with documenting the stories of an elderly class that can share impressions of the country as it once was; good, bad, or indifferent. And in order to do so with integrity, I’ll need to be invited into old-fashioned parlors and the like to retain some sense memory of what’s come and gone. In exchange, I’ll bring along a guitar to play, in what we’ll call an unofficial tour before the IN PLAINSONG shows.

If you want Billy Corgan to play in your front room/old fashioned parlour, say hello here.

Alongside the road trip, Billy has revealed that the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins electro-acoustic tour In Plainsong will contain a suite of songs from Siamese Dream as well as tracks from every chapter of Billy’s songwriting story, “including tunes from Zwan and The Future Embrace, and maybe even or two I’ve helped others write.” The tour kicks off March 22nd.

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