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The new Biffy Clyro single will be here on Monday

It feels like Biffy Clyro have been gone for ages (and ages) but it looks like the wait is over. According to the Radio One website, Simon Neil will be joining Annie Mac on Monday (21st March) to share the band’s new single as The Hottest Record In The World. See y’all at 7:20pm then.

Theres no word if the track will come alongside an album announcement but its definitely getting closer.

We know the followup to 2013’s ‘Opposites’ was recorded with Rich Costey. “We needed a change after three records with Garth [Richardson],” Simon explained at the start of the year. “Garth is very rock; he makes things sound classic. Rich wants to make things sound as fucked up as possible and that was a good switch mentally for us. We wanted to force ourselves to take a left turn, keep ourselves guessing.

“It’ll be leaner and meaner than the last – no orchestras,” he promises. “This album is going to be the opposite of cinematic. It’s quite dirty! We’ve taken a lot of influence from recent hip-hop records, like the latest A$AP Rocky – they’re so fucking good because they’ve got really grimy, dirty, horrible sounds with beautiful vocals, or vice versa. We’re trying to get that balance of things teetering on the edge of chaos the entire time. It’s going to sound like Biffy, but it’s about ‘rocking’ instead of ‘rock’.”

So far our only peak at album number 7 is a 15-second snippet of new music with the title “… (Coming Soon)” and a single live performance of new track ‘On A Bang‘.

We’re really excited to have Biffy back and here’s why.

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