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Bands to be removed from iTunes if they don’t sign up for Apple Music?

New streaming service, Apple Music has come under fire from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe for allegedly threatening to remove artists from iTunes unless they comply with their free three-month trial, during which they reportedly won’t pay out any royalties.

“So @APPLEOFFIClAL has a new deal they offered me: they said we want to stream your music free for 3 months… I said what if I say no, and they said “we’ll take your music off iTunes.” Hard ball? Fuck these satanic corporations,” he tweeted.

“The biggest company on earth wants to use my work to make money for 3 months and pay me nothing – if I say no, I’m banned. It’s not ok for these fucking idiots to decide art has no value.”

Read his comments in full below.

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