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Babymetal announce new album, coming April 2016

Babymetal have announced that they’ll be releasing a new album on April 1st 2016, AKA Fox Day.

Confused? Check out the announcement video because…actually, that’ll probably just make it worse.

“As prophesied by the FOX GOD, a new album will be released on April 1st, 2016, also known as the FOX DAY. Since the release of BABYMETAL’s debut album in 2014, we have been racing across the globe non-stop on our World Tour,” explains Kobametal.

“Through the last tour I have come across people from all over the world and have had the chance to feel that miraculous moment when everyone came together via BABYMETAL.

“Our new song “THE ONE” contains lyrics that speak of uniting the world, or a crowd favourite at concerts “Road of Resistance” that never fails to bring our fans together, every BABYMETAL song makes up this extraordinary story.

“I continue to believe that the songs of BABYMETAL continue to push them forward to discover new possibilities. All I can say right now is for all of you to wait patiently for the coming of the FOX DAY.”

The album comes ahead of the bands huge headline show at Wembley Arena on April 2nd 2016 (AKA Foxing Day, perhaps).

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