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Attention! Creeper are now playing Hangman

Creeper have broken cover (kinda).

After a week of weird, Where Is James Scythe? shenanigans, Creeper’s Twitter feed has shared a game of Hangman. Yes, they’ve started drawing the body, no they haven’t given you any letters. That’s not really how this works but anyway.


The picture came with the caption “Soon, the search begins” and the date in the corner matches the creepy voicemail message of “On the 2nd of October 2016, we’ll die holding hands.”

Mysterious, right? Well, we’re nothing if not problem solvers so here are a couple of guesses.

-Hangman Radio One Rock Show (perhaps the title, date & place of a new song)

-Creeper Black and Purplish (cos y’know)

-Mystery Words and Jacuzzis (think of the Scrabble score)

Creeper ARE still missing but hopefully they make an appearance ahead of the gigs they’ve got scheduled this weekend.

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