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Arcane Roots drummer steps back from touring

Arcane Roots have announced their drummer Daryl Atkins will no longer be performing with the band live.

Posting on the band’s Facebook, Atkins explains: “To our incredible fans, I wanted to write a personal note as it’s you guys that I owe most to.

“I have been playing drums with Arcane Roots for over a decade. Me and Andrew formed the band as the final metamorphosis of a number of projects that we had been a part of. In seeking to start something that we felt embodied everything we truly loved about music we found life long friendship and created Arcane Roots. A decision that took me on an incredible journey.

“That journey has taken me around the world, playing in places i’d never imagine, to people I could never believe would be so kind and gracious to three boys from England. It’s truly humbling that a single person came to our shows let alone the many thousands that have come watch us play, bought our records and gathered outside venues for hours on an end to see us.

“Arcane Roots is at its most powerful moment. The new record we have just finished is honestly some of the most intense, chilling, beautiful and profound music we have ever created. I’m truly thankful and proud to have been a part of the record and I feel its a massively defining moment for the band that always continues to grow and evolve. Under the hood everything is a hive of activity to ensure the band and the next record live up to everything we have promised it will be. I can honestly say we have finally created the record that we wanted to make for the last 10 years.

“However I will no longer be joining the boys on the tours going forward. Sadly due to unfortunate circumstances i’ve had to make the very difficult decision that it’s not in my best interests to carry on touring, I still have a relentless desire to be creative, but for now it must manifest in other forms.

“I have found my two best friends in Arcane Roots and continue to be ever closer to Andrew and Adam. The band is nothing but three people sharing a deep love and respect for each other as both musicians and best friends. Being in a touring band is never easy and our close friendship is what keeps us together and in love with creating music. Arcane Roots will always be in my eyes worthy of greatness and I want nothing more than stratospheric things for the band.

“Arcane Roots have never had a smooth ride, and I truly think thats what makes it so brilliant. The new record is mind blowing. Please support live music and the people that work so tirelessly to create it. It doesn’t exist without devoted fans and incredible people behind them so I want to thank you for the 10 years of sheer joy it has brought me.

“I’m still part of Arcane Roots, just working in the shadows rather than in the bright lights,” he finishes.

“Like brothers, we built this all from nothing,” the rest of the band comment. “We took every blow on the chin and every triumph in our stride, we saw our wildest dreams come true and none of it could have happened without you. We love you always.

“We hope that you will all respect this unfortunate decision and join us in wishing our brother well as we begin a new chapter…”

Arcane Roots are set to play 2000 Trees, Y Not and Hevy festivals this summer, as well as a series of European dates. Get all the details in the poster below.


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