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Apple launch Apple Music with Beats 1, a worldwide radio station featuring Zane Lowe

Well, it’s finally here. Apple have revealed their long awaited Apple Music streaming service at their annual WWDC conference in San Francisco.

The headline feature of the new service, built into the Music app of your Apple device, is Beats 1 – a 24 hour a day worldwide radio station broadcast from LA, New York and London helmed by DJs including former BBC Radio 1 champion Zane Lowe. Beats 1 won’t be driven by any specific genre or style – claiming it will purely be about great music.

There’s also music, videos and a social network element, allowing artists to directly share updates, videos, tracks and more direct with fans. You’ll be able to create your own artworked playlists and subscribe to recommendations from curators.

Available from 30th June, the $9.99 a month subscription will come with the first three months free. There’s also a $14.99 monthly fee for families, allowing you to share your subscription with six family members. Apple Music will also come to Android later this year.

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