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Apparently Kanye West is a fan of the surprise Say Anything album

Earlier this week (Thursday 4th February), Say Anything dropped their new album ‘I Don’t Think It Is’ with very little warning: it started streaming yesterday, and was released properly today.

“Why? Obvious. I want to be like Bey,” explained frontman Max Bemis. “Not‐really‐kidding aside, I’ve become a bit weary of doing the same song and dance leading up to the actual end­game, people actually listening to something​.”

Now Bemis has revealed that he recently spent some time in Kanye’s studio. “He played me his new shit and I played him Say Anything and we went back and forth,” he told Noisey. “It was the most surreal thing.”

“He was super nice, super humble, really cool about our band and got it,” he added.

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