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Against The Current will be back in the UK “way sooner than you think”

You were probably expecting Against The Current to return to the UK at some point in 2016, right? It seems like a good shout.

Well according to vocalist Chrissy Costanza you might not have to be all that patient.

The band recently finished up their 48 date Gravity World Tour. Speaking backstage at a sold out show at London’s Islington Academy, Chrissy noted, “People say that this sounds like a long tour but we’re planning 2016 and it’s going to be a lot longer. This is baby steps compared to next year.”

We had a quick catch up with Chrissy earlier this week to find out how the rest of the tour went (because we’re nice like that.) Turns out it “was amazing. It was kinda mind blowing for us in the first place to be able to go on a world tour without even having a full length record out. That in itself was amazing but then the tour was way more than we could have ever asked for or imagined. It was incredible.

“We haven’t really headlined in the states that much so I wasn’t sure what to expect from there but it was more than I ever expected. We’d already had great experiences over in the UK and Asia but they just completely blew us out of the water. All of our expectations were just completely blown away. The UK, which we already knew was a super passionate place to tour, was just unbelievable. The energy every night was incredible.”

The band are currently finishing up their debut album, celebrating birthdays and reconnecting with their loved ones before they go out and do it all again. The impatient ones amongst you will be pleased to know that Against The Current plan to return to the UK and, “it’ll be way sooner than you think.”

Isn’t that exciting. You’ll be able to read more from ATC in a future issue of Upset.

To tide you over, here’s the first single from that debut album ‘Outsiders’. We checked, it’s still a total #banger.

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