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Against The Current want to “explore every avenue” on debut album

Believe it or not, Against The Current are yet to release an album. Taking their time over their debut full-length – which follows a number of EPs – the trio have been working hard on perfecting it, with a little help.

“It was weird at first when we did a couple of co-writes for [2015 EP] ‘Gravity’,” vocalist Chrissy Constanza explains in the new issue of Upset, “but when you find those right people, they can completely change how you write a song. They can help you in ways you never thought you could ever be helped.”

“I think next time, with the next album there might not be as many co-writes,” she adds. “We did so many sessions for this album because we were trying to explore every avenue, every style and everything we possibly could so we could make the album the best it could be.”

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This month’s mag is a 2016 special, featuring loads of our (soon to be your) favourite new bands, as well as a bunch of awesome things you can expect from the year ahead, from the lowdown on Moose Blood’s new album, to why Panic! At The Disco will reign supreme.

Interview: Ali Shutler.

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