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The new Against Me! album exists

Against Me! have been in and out of the studio since late last year but it sounds like the record is now finished. AND has a name.

Not that the band are sharing either just yet. In fact, they might have to get rid of a few tracks…

Don’t like playing the waiting game? How about playing as Laura Jane Grace in a recreation of NES classic Metroid. Yes, really. Thanks to Punktendo (the people behind that ace PUP game) you can battle space aliens and get ready for Laura’s appearance in a new Star Wars films (probably.)

Speaking about the new material last year, LJG told Upset, “We’ve been writing all tour. Musically, they’re songs that are fun to play. It’s about wanting to have fun. I’ve always wanted to have fun but this feels different, not caring what other people fucking think.”

“It’s not like I have a list but I don’t feel done. Half the band is new so there are very real reasons why it feels new. It feels like there are new things you could do musically or you haven’t reached your full potential as a four piece based on everyone’s musical abilities. In the past there were moments where I felt the four of us couldn’t do anything more interesting but now there’s that much more to work with. It’s more of a challenging thing as well. Playing with Atom and Inge, they are amazing musicians so when they came into the band, James and I were like ‘Fuck, better pick up our game and practice a bit’. Feeling challenged by the people you’re playing with is a big thing,”

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