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A public service announcement about Upset subscriptions

Ever started a job by getting something wrong right at the start, then having to commit to it even though it’s a massive headache?

Well, we admit, we did that with our subscription system for issue one. Turns out, we failed to realise that billing you lovely subscribers every month, a month after you signed up, wouldn’t work if you wanted the new mag in your letter box as soon as possible.

So, we’re starting again.

Our new system still means that you pay monthly – so you’re not committing to a year’s worth of magazines at once – but we’ll take each month’s payments on the 15th of each month. Not before, not after. That means you’ll have paid for the new issue before it hits the streets, and we can get it to you asap after it’s released without fuss. If you subscribe on or after the 15th of the month, you’ll get the following issue, not the one about to be released, but you’ll also not be charged until the 15th comes round.

Confused? OK. We’re good at confusing people.

If you subscribe today, the 13th August, you’ll be charged on the 15th August and receive our September issue on (or as near as possible to) 21st August. If you subscribe on 15th August, you’ll be charged for the first time on September 15th, and your first issue will be October, out on 18th September.

Not that hard, is it? (Shush)

That means you have until the end of tomorrow to subscribe to Upset and get our new September issue as your first. Get on it.

If you had an existing subscription, you’ll have to resubscribe. A few of you had already paid for the September issue – so we’ll be refunding your payments immediately. And cos we’re nice, if you subscribed under the old system, even if you didn’t pay for your second issue yet, we’ll send you the September mag anyway, free of charge. Cos we mucked up, not you. We’re nice like that.

But yes. Subscribe. Because if you do, you may make more sense of this than we can. We really should have stuck with yearly subscriptions, right?

How cool would it be to have a new magazine turn up on your doorstep every month, packed full of your favourite bands, without even having to leave the house? Subscribe to Upset for as little as £25 a year and have each print issue delivered direct to you on release. Click here for more info.