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Live Review

The word of mouth has never been louder as letlive. take to The Underworld

Posted: Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

We’re two songs into letlive.’s show at The Underworld when Jason Aalon Butler tears down the white backdrop and throws it into the crowd. Much to his surprise it’s returned to him minutes later, a little worse for wear but complete. Everything the band gives this evening, heart, soul and respect, is matched by the 500 strong-crowd. The word of mouth has never been louder.

Youth Man knows a thing or two about volume. Mile Cocker walks onstage, stamps on his pedal board and fills the room with feedback. A deep breath and the band kicks off a set that is frantic, intense but still finds space for big moments of groove. At every opportunity the band get in each other’s faces, push back and challenge one another to play harder. The dark menace of ‘Pigs’ leads into the nighttime escape of ‘Fat Dead Elvis’ as Youth Man show off their ability to flit between filth and beauty. The building storm of ‘Dead Weight’ reaches its conclusion and gives way to a wall of feedback once more. Miles pauses, turns off the amp and the band leave. Their message heard loud and clear.

letlive. are releasing new album ‘If I’m The Devil…’ soon but tonight isn’t so much a glimpse into what’s to come, more a chance to catch up and get everybody on the same page. There’s no introductions needed as from the opening shots of ‘Banshee (Ghost Fame)’ through the swing of ‘Muther’ (dedicated to the girls in the room, “letlive. have your back.”) and onto the all-out rage of ‘Renegade ‘86’ , the whole room knows the score and it’s one for all.

‘The Dope Beat’s message of “getting your arse up and making something of yourself when they say you can’t, when they say you won’t, when they say you shouldn’t,” proves the band are still out to start something and with ‘Good Mourning, America’, their spark catches. Despite only being two weeks old, the only track aired from the band’s new album gets the biggest reaction of the evening. And it’s an evening of big reaction.

The singalong to ‘Pheromone Cvlt’ (“that shit is tight”), a rare outing of ‘Lemon Party’, a snippet of Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’ and the band corpsing mid-song because of the carnage they’ve caused, tonight is a reminder that anything goes at a letlive. show. More than a band you go and see, letlive. are a band you’re a part of. There’s a belief in what they do and a trust in what they stand for. Expectations couldn’t be higher for ‘If I’m The Devil…’ but when have this band ever let anyone down?