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Live Review

Twin Atlantic take no prisoners at Download Festival

Posted: Friday, June 10th, 2016

Sam McTrusty’s dedication to situationally-inappropriate garb knows no bounds. He’ll wear a raincoat onstage in any given club, but put him outside in a driving Derbyshire downpour and he’ll emerge dressed like a gentleman spy.

Having disappeared for a year or so to work on their fourth album, Twin Atlantic have clearly also been working on both their image and their stagecraft. Consequently, there’s a sheen to their performance at Download which even persistent technical difficulties can’t dull.

Sensibly opting for a hits set, the band play with a passion and urgency that suggests someone just out of view might be holding their nearest and dearest at gunpoint. Powering through the appalling conditions, the crowd are so on side that by the time they drop new song ‘No Sleep’, it’s greeted with almost as much glee as favourites like ‘Make A Beast Of Myself’ and ‘Yes, I Was Drunk’.

‘No Sleep’, powered by an overdriven, garage-rock-cum-nu-metal bass right riff, hints at an interesting new direction for Twin Atlantic, whose newfound confidence hints strongly at festival headline slots in the not-too-distant future. By the time their set closes with a triumphant, extended rendition of ‘Heart and Soul’, it’s clear: Twin Atlantic are back, and they’re taking no prisoners.