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Live Review

Twin Atlantic make Perth Concert Hall feel like an arena

Posted: Friday, September 25th, 2015

“I still can’t believe we get to play to this many people,” grins Sam McTrusty. Celebrating the 10th birthday of the humble Perth Concert Hall, it feels an odd sentiment. This is the same band who just this year stormed the Hydro and commanded tens of thousands as second stage headliners at T in the Park. To most – on a stage that hosts Christmas pantomimes like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty – this is intimate.

But that’s kind of the point – as ‘Edit Me’ sets off with full throttle ferocity from the crowd, Twin remain humbled. They make a normal venue feel as intimate as a club, but as powerful as an arena. All four genuinely enjoy every moment, even when Sam apologises to Barry’s mum for shouting at her to crouch down mid ‘I Am An Animal’. It’s hard not to feel the same.

‘Crash Land’ strips it down, with a sing-along so stunning Sam barely utters a dozen words, while ‘Yes, I Was Drunk’ charges the room. ‘What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?’ is almost nostalgic, if Twin can yet be such a thing, and ‘Brothers and Sisters’ feels like the perfect sling-your-arm-round-a-stranger anthem.

As they take a haphazard, drawn-out, collective bow with crew (“It’ll be worth it, honestly,” assures Sam), there’s a feeling of anticipation over what they come with next. Even ‘Great Divide’ tracks feel like old, familiar friends. This is goodbye to the album, in Scotland at least. And like a night surrounded by good friends, it’s fun; it can get a little rowdy at times, but you leave feeling pretty euphoric.