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Live Review

Twin Atlantic let loose at intimate King Tut’s comeback

Posted: Saturday, June 4th, 2016

GLA. They’re three simple letters but in the last few days they’ve come to mean just a lot more than an airport code. They’re a new album. They represent a band coming back but they’re also a statement of where Twin Atlantic are going next. And, in the compact King Tuts, they’re the reason a couple of hundred fans have crammed together in the finest gig city around.

From newbie ‘Gold Elephant Cherry Alligator’ (yep) Sam McTrusty wastes no time in leaving the stage behind and leaping on into the sauna in front of him, setting the tone for an evening that sees Twin letting loose. Through ‘The Ghost of Eddie’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Fall Into the Party’ the band are on top form and are evidently chuffed to not only to be back after six or so months (admittedly a mere blip in comparison to many) but to be able to command such a riotous audience.

‘I Am An Animal’ forces everyone to hit the deck for a mo, in case there was any further incentive needed to go wild for an evening, while ‘No Sleep’ gets its first live airing, going down a well-versed classic in no time. If these snapshots are any indication, they’ve got one hell of a rock record ready to unleash.

They may have only been gone a little while, but by god they’re back with a vengeance. If this is a taster of what is to come – both from the album and on their intimate club tour – then it’s one hell of a time to be a Twin Atlantic fan. GLA-d to have you back.