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Hijinks aplenty, it’s Twenty One Pilots’ songs that really shine at Reading

Posted: Friday, August 26th, 2016

Twenty One Pilots have been causing ripples for a while now. Their efforts doubled-down with the release of ‘Blurryface’ last year and ever since, they’ve been riding a wave. Today, their first show since playing a sold-out Madison Square Gardens, sees them subheadline the NME tent sandwiched between a confused Crystal Castles and the Skrillex-fronted Jack U. Ceremony be damned, Twenty One Pilots put in a masterclass.

We should have known from the warning klaxons that opened their set but this evening, the duo are at their challenging best. A snippet of ‘Fairly Local’ falls into ‘HeavyDirtySoul’ and it’s jubilance from here on out. ‘Stressed Out’ and ‘Car Radio’ hit as hard as everyone was expecting but it’s the other cuts, ‘Ride’, ‘Heathens’ ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV’ that really show off just how adored this band has become. It’s an affection that goes both ways. From zorbing over them, playing ontop of them or swimming through them, Tyler and Josh spend as much time with the crowd as they do leading them. Their set is full of those moments that make you feel connected with something bigger and threaten to stay with you for a while after but, as great as their tricks and hijinks are, it’s the songs that really shine through and they haven’t got close to reaching a ceiling yet.